Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tagged :P ~

first time been tagged
sblum ni tgk org kne tag je
i dont really prefer such post
but then, its just a thing we should share about each other
i have been tagged by fatin athirah
go n check out her blog at times
she really knows how to xpress herself n making her blog hers

25 things aite? goes

  1. i like to be lonely at times
  2. i love to eat, serius xtpu...
  3. love to draw but don't know wut to draw
  4. want us to be together, i mean all of us but can't seem to find the way out
  5. pemalu...oh, this is true
  6. org kata sy ni jiwang? aiyak!!! no3...i am just me :)
  7. i miss my friends, all of them
  8. going to b a nerd for a month
  9. knowledge is the master of one mind
  10. basketball till i cant ball nemore
  11. appreciate the value of friendship cz it is a treasure to me
  12. words hold value so choose it right
  13. everyone has the same ending so what for looking for more
  14. fun is in ur heart n flows direct to ur mind
  15. i am almost 2 feet long n nk dunk
  16. weight? ringan je...74 :)
  17. love to waste money tp in certain ways r
  18. im racist kut...but i guess its human nature to differ people of physics. but we can always b friend due to similarities n one of it is we are all human who can think on ourselves
  19. currently in london doing MEng in EE n nanotech
  20. wish to go to MIT
  21. hmm...nk lego mindstorm please :D
  22. owh2, oxford td bes. mkn pun kenyang. tp duet pn jalan r
  23. menunggu org melayu nk kawen sbb rindu nasi minyak...kuang3~
  24. hope to make d best out of time
  25. nvr forget ur jihad n ur purpose of life despite all of the above small things. Allah is our Creator n to Him we will return~
so now to the tagging part...hmm...
i would love to see these people's idea

maba...(sorry r lupa link ko)

n lastly the on that tagged me...since dh buat dh so x termasuk dlm 5 org tu la ye~ :)
fatin athirah

owh2 lupa lak nk ltk mnde pe yg korg kne tag tu an
here it is~


Leng Chai said...

uh aku ade gak.... da la first skali lak tu.... nape aku kene tag gak? bdw aku x taw ape tu tag...

Farzan said...

sbb aku ske dgr apa korg nye idea :)
korg plik2 ckit
tag tu cam ko post gk r mnde ni~
tp versi ko r
kat ada mnde kuning tu an
tu die nye arahan die
camtu je r basically

Leng Chai said...

malangnye mau x taw yang ko tag die... so die pon x post pasal bnde ni... hahaha

Farzan said...

bestu ko tu spe? bukan mao?
comel r?
xnk xpe...xde kewajipan pun :)

petite girl said...


safwan roslan said...

org kata sy ni jiwang? aiyak!!! no3...i am just me :)

farzan mmg jiwang..:)

Farzan said...

xjiwang la~~