Wednesday, December 8, 2010

dont let the girls enter the gentlemen's room~

when i was in Alam Shah, most of the toilets are gentlemen
so when a gurl/lady/women comes to visit, they had to borrow the privacy room n someone need to guard it so dat no guys would enter while she's in...
but nvr have i ever heard they complain bout it
perhaps cz we try to giv d bes toilet around (bes for men...u know)
or perhaps they were in our territory, how could they complain

yesterday was something new
not only they entered without someone guarding, they were even guys in that particular toilet
n u know wut? they even mock n complain about guys

A: guys r so grim
B: this is grim...and gross

B: I'm stuck...argh~
A what do u expect, this is the guys toilet

B: I should have known the hand drier is not functioning that well
A: Men dont really wash their hands, that's y

A: what's this? is it make up?
B: can't believe guys uses make up
**opens up the zip n closes it cz there were only tooth brush n tooth past with facial wash

wow!! gurls...we were in the toilet too did u not realize..
we heard evrything
I know sometimes whiteman use to say blondes are not that smart
but please don't make it true~
anyhow nice knowing u gurls n thnx for ur comments
and also thank you for rearranging things in the toilet
u have skills :)

*P/S: don't ever let girls in next time~


mrs tuffy fluffy said...

this gurls are freaking not cool...euhh! :P

petite girl said... least they arranged the stuffs back ok!

Farzan said...

kn3...plik kn de gurl camtu

hmm...they did not arrange BACK
sbb mmg xtersusun pn :P
so dorg susun je...that's y i said thnx kt gurls in d end :)

tuff! said...

shhhh.jgn ar mention sape....pnat nk wat top secret.. =.='

Farzan said...

tp fatin ada xtaw yg mana satu an :P