Thursday, March 31, 2011

Of A Little Dream~

It was short but summarized a lot...

it was UK but weather as in M'sia
the joyful site of child playing at the theme park
mysterious guy I am with a M'sian ID
money, enough to make one smile

a borrowed hat from a Chinese friend
n she was sizzling hot with her bestie beside
a lame joke from MABA kills the situation
n a hollow wall stood firm infront of me

Jatdin and his cool stance
narrow stairs up and s top at the gate
while I cling at the side of the gate
waiting to fall down for others

of dogs with stupid positions
a snapshot and a beautiful picture on DSLR
it was literally my dream 
and a good dream it was~

Monday, March 21, 2011

I never get to know~

I never know what is behind that wall
protected by so many  layers
n the keys are within so many hands
i am but a normal person to the camera
no authorization :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Inginkan ianya berbunga
bunga tanda hasil drpd usaha
sebuah tanda penghargaan
sebuah kepastian
tanda kasih sayang

sudah tiba masa untuk ia berbunga
tp adakah boleh ia punyai bunga
atau adakah itu hanya harapan semata
siraman itu tidak bermakna kepastian
baja itu bukan lah persetujuan

dahan hijau dihiasi warna-warnaan bunga
bunga menghiburkan hati
bunga menghiasi kehidupan
warna kontra itu menawan hati
dan begitulah kisah hidup nya :)

ku mahukan pohon itu berbunga
dan janganlah ia gugur tanpa sebab
biarlah ia gugur pada masa nya

sehingga ia berbunga
hiasilah kehidupan ini dgn kegembiraan :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

live in the past~

I live in the past. All those memories that resides and that dwels in the midst of the little me. Who could have ever wonder the time a mere kid grew to be an adult was the moment he misses most. It was when he learned the values of life and to use it well. At a certain period he wondered and question every thing he learned. So he started to neglect it all behind. And now, he keeps on saying how good he was. But it was all of no use. The time he fell in love and now all was history no matter how he acts devine toward the girl. The stage the rounds of songs echoed through the halls. A a a ... The memories

Monday, March 7, 2011

sweet ke x ni?~

FN : "among ur sibling, sapa yg ko paling rapat ek?"
FZ : "maba"

sry la maba, xtaw knp nama ko muncul sebelum adik beradik aku yg laen...knp la mnde tu harus terjadi kat ko...knp ko harus xfly dan meninggalkn satu tmpt kosong dlm team ni...knp la aku kena balik jenguk ko nnt...i guess itu semua takdir, klu ko dtg pn, nnt pe nth jd...silap2 aku nk kne jg ko dgn lebih lg...

anyway, harap kaki ko da sehat, da leh maen, kita duel september nnt...tunggu aku :)