Tuesday, December 14, 2010


stepped in court maen cam hampeh, inferior kut bila nk shoot tu
they are all tall guys everywheren they're hands are way above u
tried doing my layups n it didn't work sbb xrasa confident, ada team8 yg suka downkn org, k la, die xdownkn org tp cam die xbg sgt team8 yg len score...
then tried fade away pun xrasa confident sbb tinggi sgt dorg

upon 2nd game, secara xsengaja block dis tall gurl nye
wut do u xpct, perempuan kut
bukan nk kata cam mmg mudah, tp lbih mudah la n she was like scared...i did nothing wrong okay~ ^_^
n i guess she felt like me just now
no3...i think i should rephrase that
i guess now i know how they feel...haih~

tp then came in 3rd game
energetic ckit sbb lwn tiga org tgi gilo yg leh dunk
so d first attempt to dunk by them was a clean block from me n a rebound i won
woot~ woot~
then block a pass n got a WOW from the audience
bkn sbb hebat tp sbb bola tu laju n crossing the court
n i hit it like im hitting someone shooting... :P
then layup pn dpt ditepis...
again...woot~ woot~
n another winning rebound
pastu2 offensive rebound pn blh menang n sempat put it in the basket lg~
now im on fire

4th game, tumpang team org...it was fun sbb akhirnye mrkh 1-0 je
haha...nth pe jd nth
tp tu je yg mmpu
then the last game ktorg klh~
sbb yg suka play sensorg tu buat silly mistake
die ingt markah tgh lead so die relax2
pastu tetibe kena curi dr blkg
n made d margin by 4 n time pun dh xde
klu die score je td sbnrnye dh seri n dh game dh...30 secs left je pun~
but all in all great job guys :)

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