Tuesday, December 14, 2010

an answer~

u know, i thought of not coming today but obviously i cant resist myself
it's basketball
n yeah, guess wut...tomorrow am gonna have problem walking
girls playing basketball? normal~
girls doing 3 point? impressive~
girls dunking? ... o.O
well they are not gurls fyi~
those are the first n second team
gile x gile? all were wearing skirts n tops
woot3~ sexy~
bnyk lak korg punya sexy...berbulu habes seksi mnde
dgn muka tuff tp gaya perempuan nye lg

well2 that is not my answer
just a story of wut happened today~
my answer to u is dat
17 years at the beginning of my life i believe that i can live without being with anyone
not that i never liked anyone
to b honest i liked the first girl at the age of 12
kecik kn
but appears that i dont get myself attached to anyone
cz been in skola lelaki all this while n i see no point of doing so
n due to that i had promised to a certain someone bout something
i'll tell this to u privately if u ask la~
but not far from that, 3 month later i guess
someone changed my thought
kinda got myself attached to her
but fortunately xsempat pn nk jd pape antara ktorg :P
so does dat answers?


tuffy said...

ouh...kinda answered...someone special i guess?bravo to dat someone..ngorat farzan kot~woot2..

Farzan said...

haha...xde maknenye~

far-hana said...

wo wo... sape ni... *tp ak cam tau je... haha!