Tuesday, December 28, 2010

me n u~

seldom felt lonely
no matter how hard i try to deny it
but it is true

this holiday
having them here made me happy
even made new friends

even though there's lots more i wanted to meet
but having to meet a few of them is already enough
n sry i cant accommodate many cz there's no place
n im only 1, with the help of wan harun

i hope u had the best
n am sorry klu ada pape kekurangan ye :)
n thnx taw sbb sudi berada disini
u know i'll miss u guys

sometimes i wonder which one of those r true friends
n yesterday was a real thing
i've cried for people
but yesterday they said someone cried cz leaving us
that is friendship n i shall keep that
thnx again ^_^