Monday, August 22, 2011


wondering at this particular time of my life about one simple thing
the norm of those who seems to get matured

for guys~

  • egoistic (kinda sum it all)
  • bajet cool (though too much shows that he is still learning)
  • thinking for his future (wife and family perhaps included)
  • take responsibility and take lead  (doesn't have to b a huge leader, just take lead of certain situation)

for girls~
  • jealousy (i guess diff ppl have different limit)
  • motherly (full of love)
  • womenly (3 tomboyish girls confessed they changed before getting married)
  • thinking of lil kids and their cuteness

those were some basic things i kinda pickup through out my journey of life...though does not apply to evryone as some develop these things from a lil kid, while others had to gain it by life experience
but sooner or later, we're gonna die. so worry not about these development. instead focus more on ur deeds :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy B'day~

ye kepada anda yg lahir pada 18/8 sesungguhnya saya tidak lupa tarikh yg awk kata istimewa ni

tp saya dpt kenal ngn seorang yg bernama Azame ^_^
but anyhow, anyway...

Happy Bday
May Allah bless u
umur hanyalah hiasan agar kite trasa diri ini muda n leka
sedangkan penuaan kite berlaku setiap saat
dan mati kite pula boleh berlaku bila2 sahaja
belajar leklok n penuh smgt
menjadi tua itu bes tp dianggap tua itu tidak bes
again, Happy Bday n thnx for being a good friend
you know who you are ^_^

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


sy tahu hari jadi saya lama lagi
hari jadi org laen yg esok nye ni
18/8 :)

tp2 still sy nk buat satu wishlist so dat sy bleh keep track on things nk bli :)

  1. suit (blazer n satu setnye, kaler itam,)
  2. leather jacket (simple je, xyh la nk ada corak2 n poket sana sini)
  3. bb phone (sbb nk ada keypad, bold is nice, torch pn bleh thn r)
  4. coat musim sejuk (yg cam mat salleh dlm tv tu)
  5. ipad (nk sendri n nk adiahkn kat abah)
  6. lego mindstorm (nak maen!!! bersama adek2)
  7. dslr (nk tgkp gmbr alam sekitar bnyk999 ^_^)
  8. keta (ni da future wise da)
  9. umah (ni tuk keselesaan masa hadapan, nk bli trus mmg xmmpu la )
  10. last skali nk tanah satu tuk buat tanam2 farm as a retreat masa tua nnt :)
skrg mari kita lihat harga setiap satunye dalam MYR (anggaran sahaja) dan jumlah kn
  1. 600
  2. 600
  3. 3000
  4. 600
  5. 3000
  6. 3000
  7. 3000
  8. 500000
  9. 1000000
  10. xtaw brape harge -.-"

tu wishlist taw...klu ada sesapa terasa nk bg hadiah sila la...jgn malu2 :)
klu termakbul, bes la tp jumlah semua nye dah cecah 1.8 juta...genap2 kn jd la 2 juta
klu dpt saving 20000 setaun pn, dekat seratus taun bru bleh dpt ni -.-"
okay, dah bleh stat xnk tgk wishlist da ^_^
sekian :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


need to do more research for my thing over here
need more info
thinking of putting aside the sleeping part of life

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Situation tells u differently~

u've been looking to the future for certain things n yet u see a thick layer of cloud
what do u do? go through it or...jst turn around n select a new path
trust me on this, no matter which path u take, it's unclear...always
so the actual question is not whether or not ur gonna face it
rather it is how ur gonna face it

sometimes u play with other people too as the world is not mine to say, we share it together
then it is even more vague
fear not, cz u can prepare for that
before he/she makes a decision u can influence 
during, u can cheat
after, u can just adapt
either way, make sure ur doing things ethically correct
so prepare from the beginning to accept others decision after trying hard to persuade

things get even tougher when the whole world is at its stake
something like economy, politics n natural events
these are not for u to control, it fluctuates with the world
for these circumstances, just stay by n accept ur future
as ur life is forever urs to define whether its meaningful or not

u might have left me but i am still moving on :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


today i was inspired to write
it was not an easy decision to do
but that was the reason why this blog is not sealed, only left away~

remember the day where u think of a person most
i doesn't hv to be someone dear to u
but it does mean that the person is significant
has left something for u to think about
a food for thought~

in life u say hi and goodbye in so many ways
some r permanent, while others last for a while
take note, nothing lasts forever
therefore cherish every second the best way u can
n u urself define what best is~

At times, u might think that it is the end
but the end never comes till u say it does
though Qiamat is certain
but beside that, never give up n keep on moving forward
as u n only u have the key to ur own success~

okay, lastly...keep ur mind straight at all times
emotions are important but it is not vital as ur mind
sometimes, u loss ur balance
but who cares, the most important thing is the present
not the past. as the present brings forth the future
so watch out as u move on~

bits of words for us to remember...i am no one to u though u are someone to me
things might change between us but dont let it change for the worst
me n u are forever apart of the world...sorry and thank you~