Monday, September 16, 2013

To You~~

u might not be reading this
someone else does
well u might not even remember me anymore
because those years passed so fast

those times we shared laughter
shared smiles
shared our tears
and all those arguments
you couldn't stop but to think that we are always on the same side of the coin
and ended up giving up

to you
may you be happy
may you be successful
don't regret what has happened
reminisce all the moments
the distance be it time or space
is nothing but a real barrier
we are closer than you think

Friday, September 13, 2013

Seeking for Freedom~~

I once had an argument on freedom. That was long time ago, once upon a time when the brain was an active tool...
but today, the word 'MERDEKA' or independence has rang the word freedom once again. When people are looking for freedom, they seem to forget that they are human and human have limitations. but putting that aside, is doing whatever you want is freedom?

what are the extent of the word freedom?
this is totally on my opinion. but i wish to see this as the only goes...

let us put on a line of continuum, the level of freedom and call the very far right end is 'total freedom' and the other far end is 'total slavery'. In the ideal world we live in, i think nothing can be considered as total slavery because to the very least, a slave can still decide for himself of what to do and what not to do. And every mankind has their very own level of freedom based on their commitment and responsibility. A pious man in Christianity might have different obligation to those of a normal Christian what more to a person from other religion.

So let's talk about the one point that arguably has brought great controversy, 'total freedom'. Imagine a world of 'total freedom'. One is allowed to do as they deem to. Anything that seems interesting is okay to do, no rules nor regulations to obey. Is that even ideal? You think it is? okay then, let me put it this way. If i can do whatever i can, then i can easily steal things from you, beat you and it is my right as it's a 'total freedom' world. Oh now you want to claim that it is your right to ask it back from me and beat me? i don't care i can still do whatever i want to do...too bad

It is not ideal the word 'total freedom'. Not even slightly. It never exist and can never exist. Thus, it tells us that rules are needed to be followed. What rules are the most ideal? I hold upon the Islamic rules because my faith tells me that God knows what is the best for It's creation.


p/s: in the next talk of freedom, i'll talk about my views on rules and regulation in order to maximize freedom

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


you don't always get what u want
and in the end
u live with it
adapting to the situation

humans don't only adapt
they improvise
and that is what makes a human

when they learn another way
they retaliate
but they are always put down
pushed to the very brim of the society
cause the ruler is more successful and wise

crushed to dust
all the efforts
time, money, energy
nothing but a mere tool

i see value in not just money
but in life as well

Monday, September 2, 2013

Loosing must not always be in games only~

i feel i am loosing
loosing the small things
loosing those things that i used to have

lil things that i do reminds me of those moments
lil things that i seek tells me of my history

i am a rebel not just to the world
a rebel deep inside
finding my way through
through all the thoughts that clouds my mind

i wonder how time changes me
not minor but majorly
how one would lose their fun
and turn to a boring run
why was i growing so fast
when i thought that everything would last

journey of a wondering heart~