Sunday, March 16, 2014

What do I Want?

Times passes by and even blogs will get extinct
especially blogs like mine,
not organized, uninteresting and filled with personal stuffs
then again it always acts as a medium of expression
you dont get to express a lot in real life
especially coming from an egoistic person like me
i guess i am confused

I cant avoid this been read by anyone
and perhaps i do want some one to read this
and then comes the reaction
and hoping the reaction would be something i want

but a heart is always filled with games and puzzle
what does it really want

ask yourself what in the end drives you
cz if you are me
at a point where things doesnt seem right
and you are faced with difficult decision
only one thing drives you through
what the heart truly desires

i can acknowledge myself
i have me loving myself and all the love i can get from my family
i can get attention by beeing the outgoing, noisy guy
i dont need fame cz if i do, i wld have been a model by now
so what do i want?
there's this one word that is not mentioned at all in this whole thing
find it and complete the missing link :)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sejarah Lama

Kerana aku hidup di atas kejayaan lama

Melihat situasi itu memberiku seribu satu kenangan
menggamit memori masa silam
tatkala aku masih kecil berdiri

bakat itu terletak pd tgn insan
yg diberikan kebolehan
kurniaan Allah SWT

rajinnya insan melakukan persiapan
backdrop, pentas, dan persembahan
owh indahnya saat tiada keraguan
tiada kerisauan :)