Saturday, July 31, 2010

u've grown up~

the white teddy bear beside me is watching me type this...
not only lil kids can have teddy but grown ups too
even guys :)

so this is a story about a person
the very first time i saw dis person, she was different
not in an attracted kinda way but more to like, the way she socialize is kinda different compared to other new arrivals like me. n i would not lie to describe more...

but lil dat i know, she would be my comrade n then my adek
she was so small at first knowing her (small has lots of meaning ^_^)
but it was nice of her to keep growing
n IB has taught her well as it has taught my friends out there
she has now grown up n a way better person

i am sad to say that i might be out of words before u
n at times i would b more adek than u would b to me
am proud of u n d way u overcome things

so dis is a post
to let u know dat
eventho human grow up
eventho u've been a great person
eventho distance could seperate us
eventho i might b sombong at times
eventho i've failed u back then
eventho we could b opposite person
but u will b my adek just as u would say dat i will always b ur abg

i'll see a successful lady in 10 years time n i know dat would b u
keep moving forward adek ^_^

make urself as agile as possible

even the turtle can win


petite girl said...

u hav teddy too?cool:)

Farzan said...

ada...dlm locker :)
tp my fav teddy dh ilg dlm stor masa i kat sas dlu...haha
d white teddy mentioned is now mine but my brother's :)

petite girl said...

teddy cute kann,sangat.tgk je dah buat kita tersenyum:)

Farzan said...

hehe...some, yes ^_^
tp ade je yg scary~
but it'll make a gud present to others :)

Anonymous said...

i love you