Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Im no monster nor am i a giant nemore, Im The TITANS~

3 years past, we faced a great loss...
it was a great team, call for any post and there we have it
our chemistry was strong n even had good stamina
but God's will, we lost to non other, Intergomb
we cried for it was unbelievable
2 points difference and we believed earlier we had the upper hand
not only that, no spectator actually could have imagine our lost
some of us dare not to step on the court
and some mentally out, no more basketball
but others were motivated and look back on to our mistakes

we were defeated, well not just today but the whole tourny
not just by 2 points but more...
however it was an acceptable was a glorious defeat
the thing is that, everyone struggle hard and gained much more
we became stronger with new mates, and we believe that future awaits us with more rewards
they say that swoosh n snipers weren't all out, but heck!!! we tried our best n we are satisfied
we improved a lot and we became a team
I feared that it was hard
we had 3 captains in our team, one coach, 4 experienced player, and me the not-knowing-much
but yeah...alas~ we are a team n a team we shall be

Thanx abang long @ Afi for the moral support and cheerful environment...also the constant financial support
Thanx manager @ Kucai for the efforts to make this a success, it was for him that this was made true
Thanx Jhar and Acap as my captain n vice-captain and peer support, need lots of dat
Thanx to Dato' and Ben for being myself motivator, i always put hopes on u guys cz i can see that u guys were among the best
Thanx to DiDi n KiMi for the coaching and comments, i know i'm hard but i'll try to put through
Thanx to Aki, Famie and Faruq for my trust on a fast runner. cz i cant run alone~
and last but not least the most important one of all
the one and only
Allah the Almighty
we plan and He plans too. but He is the greatest of planners
kerana Allah telah membenarkan kita maen...ingt x mula2 kita cam xlh men
kerana Allah telah meletakkan kita dgn team power2...sbb tu kita lh improve
kerana Allah telah membenarkan UITM jd first opponent..klu x mungkin xsdar akn trap tu
kerana Allah telah membenarkan Afi bermain walaupun seketika...1st game dh score 6
kerana Allah telah memberi kepercayaan antara satu sama lain...tiada lg emo2
kerana Allah telah menyatukan kita atas takdir-Nya di atas satu court di Putrajaya dan munculnya WASABI
Syukur Ya Allah~ Alhamdulillah ^_^

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