Thursday, May 16, 2013

One More Paper~

In 26 done with my 3 years
perhaps some of my colleague have already finished
finished with their degree even
and here are some of their responses to a fav question


from those finishing this year (3yr BEng)
"not so sure, but im done. started to get tired with EE"
"work, samsung here i come"
"further study, perhaps MSc"
"engineering, finding a job"

from those finishing next year (4yr MEng)
"i was demotivated, but i guess i just had to carry on"
"I'm tired already, and i have no clue what's next"
"i have an idea what i'm gonna do. but i'm not sure why"
"Nanotech lab assistant"

my point here is that, the longer u study, the more u feel clueless of ur future job unless ur job is guaranteed like a medical student or u have a strong line towards where ur heading. U will start to doubt on ur choice of study. Then feel  bored. At one point u start to question why am i learning all this when i will only use a few. There is a point where u will start to feel that, u are left out on the job market. starting off late with no job security, then the struggle to find money for urself and family, a stable economy for your life, a car, house and for ur future family...all this starts to play around...but thn again in Islam, there is this thing called takdir. Trust in Allah that rizq is all His doings. if He grants u rizq, then definitely u will have it...

so worry not, finish what ur doing and be done with ur obligation towards Allah, family, society, and urself :)

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