Monday, May 13, 2013

I Despise Financial Concept~

Exam is about 13 hours away...well let me say this to you what i learned in Finance

I learned that strategy matters
Things always hv a degree of randomness due to unpredictable humans
Don't rely on others, work for ur own self
plan forward, way forward
always learn from the past
make notes of everything, especially things that come and go

lots of good things but...
I hate the whole idea of this financial strategy. There are good things to take into note, but most of it. naah~

Islam taught me to be kind and think about others
but finance taught me to think about my profit first

Islam taught me about business with real money and things/service
but finance taught me to deal with values given by human, stock,shares, bonds

Islam taught me about avoid debt, keep ur asset pure
but finance taught me that debt is crucial, the more debt u have, the richer u are

how can u make me score this subject when the principle defies my own
and having to look into history, it is proven that world economy crisis is due to these finance ppl taking advantage and being greedy. in the end, they fumble themselves together with their client...
and the government, banks, and institutions are increasing in debt is due to interest. borrow money, more interest u pay more. what nonsense is is filled with interest due to payment, an invincible account of debt

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