Saturday, June 1, 2013

Who's to blame?

I am late on this particular thing; the Woolwich murder. At first I was furious of how stupid people can get, I for once do not deny that I might be the stupid one one day, but as long as I am still sane, I will continue on condemning these stupid acts. For one who killed at a peaceful place for the act of a religion. As what's worst, it is Islam that he proclaims to be. I have always been taught that Islam goes alongside as Human life. Thus anything unacceptable by the human mind (except Allah's characteristic) is no Islam. Tell me, since when killing some soldier is acceptable. He is clearly not doing an act of Islam. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth is not for killing. It shows of fairness and justice in Islam upon judging someone. In Islam, everything will have to be judged by the authority according to certain criteria before one can be said guilty. If he hides himself from the eyes of the world, then let him be. Allah has His own judgement for him for He is all-knowing and the Most A'dil amongst all

Then come the stupid act of stereotyping the others and rioting in your own country opposing your own people by the name of your people. There you have it, their own irony. How come one be fighting for their own race, when they are fighting against them. I call that selfish and power greed. All they want is for people to follow them. They are the biggest culprit to most disaster right here in UK, yet they are blaming others. And I still don't understand them. Thus, I refuse to comment more

But here is the reason for this post. You see, the words of Muslim = terrorist is not something brand new in this millennium. But it recently went popular. Let us see why. This is my reasoning. Firstly, if they were to say that we spread Islam by Swords back then, they were doing it. Especially the Christian with the so called Crusaders. Plus, we can see which is more barbaric. The crusaders have been proven to kill and burn anyone who opposes at certain areas. But Muslim armies are prohibited to do so, anything is done on the battlefield only. Even the prisoners are to be dealt with love and care.

But don't forget. We were once stained by the extremist, especially the one in India, Pakistan n such. Even killed their own royalty and declare war to everyone that opposes Islam. These are minorities, but we can't avoid humans from being judgemental. But still at that point, the blame has never been to Islam as a whole. Why? because there was no exact issue. Many killings were happening, and only few are done by Muslims...

Now, more and more words of Muslim terrorism arises after the 9/11 tragedy. I don't blame much those who did it. I blame America. I have been thinking the words of my teacher
Fitnah itu tidak terjadi dgn sendiri. Bukan salah yg memfitnah semata, tp yg difitnah juga ada peranan nya
 Same for this action of terrorism. It didn't happen without reasons. I blame the extremist for such taught. For teaching such ways of life. But I blame it more on to America that has put the threat on Muslims around the world. See how they started the war in the Middle East, and people started to hate America. Thus, 9/11...but can you see it, the more the Americans put labels, the worst it became. Why does this problem of terrorism occur only in America? and perhaps a little bit elsewhere in the Western? because they declared war first and the chose battlefield is the Muslim Community of the Middle East. So as I see it, the Extremists are returning a favor. But you call yourself a Hero by killing innocent people. Grow up!!

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petite girl said...

You have good points. The 'war' has been for ages. Unfortunately, we cannot change people in a day.

It saddens many to see some hate each other (of not the same religion) because of the bad experience they had. Thus, we cannot blame them entirely. Like 9/11, family of the victims may need time to heal and soon realised.

To be fair, it's about individuality as well as some flaws in ourself too. Take Palestin for example, if they did not start the war within their own community, the flood gate for other countries to invade would not happened.

I remember someone told me, religion can be used as an excuse. Relevant to this matter.

A brilliant post:)