Monday, April 15, 2013

The lil things you do~

so you do a lot of things for the sake of experiencing
a one-shot
just for the sake of trying
or even, just for the name of fun

the things you do for love
those tiny lil action
afraid to lose the one u THINK is the best
to say you will hv no regret later

Have you ever thought of those things you do
when you are bored
when you are seeking for something you do not know
when you are feeling down

those lil things you do
just to convince yourself
that you have done enough
and you will have victory

but have you ever thought of
the future is not yours to control
do you even love yourself at all 
and most importantly
You Only Live Once, but it is not here
This is only a dream, a nightmare, a hurdle to the everlasting reality

Now think...
of the lil things he did, of the wonders he made possible, and the heart that he 'iznillah~
Muhammad Peace Be Upon HIm


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Farzan said...

haha...and u saw him :)
khusyu bergambar bukan berdoa.haha~