Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stressed Out~

I am totally unaware of myself
as i drifted away from reality
i thought i woke up from my dream months ago
only to realize that i woke up to a deeper dream

so many things to do
incapable of planning
n moreover, incapable of doing

perhaps am out of motivation to act
though i can motivate myself to continue on living
but i see no purpose of doing things till d very last minute
procrastination at its best

now its been a while without fb, twitter and even some of my emails
settling things one by one
paying the price o my mistake
but as i grow tired, i then consult myself
and things repeated, time's wasted
to comfort myself

i guess i do need u by my side
not as in need, really need, cant live without u
but just a small voice to tell me to do things
before it gets to late

u...whoever u are
please keep reminding of my responsibility
to my world~

I dont think im in that state of stress
but it turns out so
there are signs of me in stress all over me
n yet today only i agree
as no more zikr came out of my mouth
just constantly foul words mocking and hating myself

am drifting away~~

1 comment:

L.A. said...

hey im here, always :)