Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Lost Love, A Craving Heart~

Zac hugged him from behind as it was freezing cold. some people see it as gay, but hey, years back when we were all kids, we used to hug and some even kiss. Now, everything became wrong by own accord. Where is the love that once was there? t was not a tight hug, just lightly to get a bit of heat to overcome the winter night coldness... He looked down to Zac, it was no one but his very own brother. He would have budge if it was someone else, but looking at that small, long-haired, skinny kid, he accepted it.

Zac had no idea what went through his mind. Its a river of thoughts, of emotions of feelings, of stories untold, lies unfold. He imagined the warmth of the last hug he ever had and the way he returned it. Full of love, full of trust. Giving a feeling of safety and care, watching the person fall asleep in his arms. Then to wake up knowing that love is still there, smiling upon the morning breeze, morning shine. So many to ponder upon. but to no avail, the person's no more. Not here, not there, not anywhere around. 

If he was alone, tears would have fell down. But he hid it, being the ever so cold, emotionless, innocent guy. No one ever knew the feeling he ever had inside except for his little sister, the one who he seeks upon to tell the tales of a missing love. He shook his head hoping the touch of memory, the feeling of lost disappears. Nothing happens. Stories keep flashing down his lonely mind. He then pushed back Zac and ran to his Laptop and holding out his mobile. The phone was drop dead silent, no message, no phone call. Skype was on since the past 5 hours, still same stuff. Nothing...

Nervous and unsettled, he searched for any remains of memories, pictures, videos, anything. Again, nothing. He lost it, the whole hard disk of memories. He lost everything, even lost himself. Lost his forever love. What's left is only words and feelings. All the wisdom passed down, all the advice and all the lonely conversation they had is the only thing to prove the time they had existed

"nothing is urs forever, keep on living and accepting"
"savor the moment, fret not the past,and hope not much on future as nothing is for sure"
"love is simple, u give, give and give just to see a smile returned back to u"
"sacrifice sometimes is a must, but no one else should suffer for the sacrifices made"
"keep pushing forward, ur one tough guy"
"I can never promise u anything, i know it's unfair, but it's just me. just me..."
"I dunno. Whatever is in my heart is unknown"
"If its the best or both of us"

He's still holding his tears. This time distracting himself with the contacts he have online. that is his only remedy. the only hole to keep him company. He has lost his love and craving to ever see her again~~