Friday, February 17, 2012

Love is a Double Edged Blade with no Handle~

be prepared to bleed when ur gonna love something
no matter how hard u try
ull get hurt
one way or another
but the pleasure of holding love
is more than anyone can ask for

a blade is shiny, sharp
it can pierced even the sharpest armor
to depth of ur heart
only to be hoped that it remains there

ask of urself r u willing to give
and not to take
to sacrifice and not to whine

the world is a lovely place where love is for everyone
but the touch of ur hand on this killer tool
only u should decide
how gentle is ur grip for each person u love

some chooses not to hold again
thus falling down to ground
hurting themselves and might hurt others as well

some choose to love evrything
bleeding for the right of everyone
bringing him d only one that's hurting

but some...knows their way around
a blade is not sharp everywhere
there's always a dull spot on the blade
and the eye, is for the one and only~~

embrace ur love, reminisce the moment, never make a person cry~


FatinCute :D said...

Ohoi. lamanyaaaa tidak bercerita. T_T

Farzan said...

nyorok nmpk :P