Monday, August 22, 2011


wondering at this particular time of my life about one simple thing
the norm of those who seems to get matured

for guys~

  • egoistic (kinda sum it all)
  • bajet cool (though too much shows that he is still learning)
  • thinking for his future (wife and family perhaps included)
  • take responsibility and take lead  (doesn't have to b a huge leader, just take lead of certain situation)

for girls~
  • jealousy (i guess diff ppl have different limit)
  • motherly (full of love)
  • womenly (3 tomboyish girls confessed they changed before getting married)
  • thinking of lil kids and their cuteness

those were some basic things i kinda pickup through out my journey of life...though does not apply to evryone as some develop these things from a lil kid, while others had to gain it by life experience
but sooner or later, we're gonna die. so worry not about these development. instead focus more on ur deeds :)

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