Sunday, August 7, 2011

Situation tells u differently~

u've been looking to the future for certain things n yet u see a thick layer of cloud
what do u do? go through it or...jst turn around n select a new path
trust me on this, no matter which path u take, it's unclear...always
so the actual question is not whether or not ur gonna face it
rather it is how ur gonna face it

sometimes u play with other people too as the world is not mine to say, we share it together
then it is even more vague
fear not, cz u can prepare for that
before he/she makes a decision u can influence 
during, u can cheat
after, u can just adapt
either way, make sure ur doing things ethically correct
so prepare from the beginning to accept others decision after trying hard to persuade

things get even tougher when the whole world is at its stake
something like economy, politics n natural events
these are not for u to control, it fluctuates with the world
for these circumstances, just stay by n accept ur future
as ur life is forever urs to define whether its meaningful or not

u might have left me but i am still moving on :)

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