Monday, September 5, 2011

3 Years ago~

a bond that shattered
the feeling of unworthiness
hatred overcome by guilt
the life that lives in cycle

unappreciated left us apart
voices that were never b heard
heart that was kept sealed
words that were never replied

3 years have it passed
yet it seems like it was yesterday
cz things are repeated
just like what they say
life is a cycle

regret is not the solution
it never was, never is, never will
glimpse to the darkest memory
n turn the light of ideas

clueless i might be
speechless as my lips r zipped
but history should never b let repeated
at least not exactly the same way

i am a no one
traversing along this road
wishing to b shown a path
to the place where mistakes are no more enemy
it's just memory that shall lead to laughter

me, u, them, us

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