Wednesday, August 3, 2011


today i was inspired to write
it was not an easy decision to do
but that was the reason why this blog is not sealed, only left away~

remember the day where u think of a person most
i doesn't hv to be someone dear to u
but it does mean that the person is significant
has left something for u to think about
a food for thought~

in life u say hi and goodbye in so many ways
some r permanent, while others last for a while
take note, nothing lasts forever
therefore cherish every second the best way u can
n u urself define what best is~

At times, u might think that it is the end
but the end never comes till u say it does
though Qiamat is certain
but beside that, never give up n keep on moving forward
as u n only u have the key to ur own success~

okay, lastly...keep ur mind straight at all times
emotions are important but it is not vital as ur mind
sometimes, u loss ur balance
but who cares, the most important thing is the present
not the past. as the present brings forth the future
so watch out as u move on~

bits of words for us to remember...i am no one to u though u are someone to me
things might change between us but dont let it change for the worst
me n u are forever apart of the world...sorry and thank you~

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