Wednesday, October 13, 2010


"hi, the choir u hear in front is our club. They are the church's choir team"
"do come to our meeting and join our club"
"okay, i already have one of those flyers"

"salam...i would like to join the booth. It is not for me to answer those questions but for me to know my religion more and i can at least know what they want to ask about us?"
"sure2...give me ur e-mail"
**scribbling2 on his phone**
"here you go"
**after 2 weeks**
xde pe pn :(

**ring!! ring!! ring!!**
"hello, we are from *****club. And we would like to tell you that bla3..."
"okay, bla3"
"do u know what club we are actually?"
"hmm...not really"
"owh, we are a christian club. u don't have to b christian to join us. but we do charity...bla3"
" when is that, the meating?"
"next monday at 7"

"hello, i'm a monk from the temple in Himalayas. This is my book, i'm giving it free. i can give it free because i'm the writer"
"we believe if we do good and good will come back to us. u do good now and in ur exam it will turn out good too"
"we also give free food there (referring to the vege food on bycicle). so would u b so kind to give something"
"er...i'm out of money. i'm going to the bank to get some myself"
"try to open ur wallet n see if u have spare change"
"i'm sorry, i won't. no. i don't even have money. even i'm going to the bank for money"
"open ur wallet? why u don't want to open ur wallet?"

"hey ^_^"
"we are from ULU, randomly inviting people for our event tomorrow"
"what's the event btw?"
"There's gonna b a bible reading and explanation. ur gonna love the speaker. u can ask question if u like. u don't have to b a christian to join. Have u ever read the bible?"
"yeah, several times"
"cool. then u'll love him. do come tomorrow. i'll e-mail u later. bye, take care"
"er..bye, take care too"

bnyk kn agama2 dlm dunia ni yg cuba tuk mengembangkan sayap mereka
meh kite belaja nk? ^_^


Leng Chai said...

where's the MEATing?
mmg dasar gergasi suke makan..
ahhh FRESH MEAT!!!

why dont you want to open your wallet?
afraid there might be a chicken in it?

Farzan said...

oops...tersilap type...haisy~
bagus la ko mao...lh jd aku nye spellchecker :P

gile pe nk buka wallet dpn org
t org tgh mnde2 private dlm tu
no3 :)

insan pencinta ilmu said...

islamic club xde ke kat situ? besar cabaran engkau

Farzan said...

yg 2nd paragraph tu :)
bnyk je xtvt ktorg

insan pencinta ilmu said...

owh. selamat2