Monday, October 11, 2010

I wish I am that little kid~

Just now i saw a little kid
wearing a white uniform with black pants
he stared at the blackboard eager to know
mind searching for question
ever eager to learn more

The kid was pure
in heart and his mind
his smile was always charming
showing no sign of pain nor misery

He kept learning
he went far, on journeys
with the world as his books
and teachers as the words... I wish I am him
able to learn without worry
having a heart of knowledge
and the soul of a scholar

I wish I am him
not swimming in the sea of games
nor become a slave to the word emotion
and certainly not
obliged to any relationship except family

How I wish I am him ^_^


Akmal Hayat said...

sweet dowh. plus lagu background dalam blog ni lg.. :)

Farzan said...

blaja r buat camni gk :)
bes kut~