Saturday, October 30, 2010


lately post are being emo
perhaps its the koyak season
or emotion is put to the ultimate test
i dunno~

but the thing is, my emotion is put to the test to
but the kind of lovey dovey, heart break or things like that
but my excitement..
notts game is one week away n i wanna knock some balls
then my specs broke so i cant play n worst i can study well (xnmpk whiteboard)
in an hour i'll be departed from my friends in soton
n then back to london meeting other frends
there i'll b hunted by some guy ni sbb ade unsettled business

pastu2 ada lak erasaan tuk
er...mkn bnyk2 n spend bnyk
while in the same time rasa cam membazir gle...hoyaaa

owh2, tali pinggang dh la tercabut
pastu butang seluar plak terbuka
*xgemok okay~
cuma dh naseb golek2 tdo disiang hari...adeh~

ade gk emosi berbelah bhgi mengenai nilai kesatuan ni
people claim they can unite us, but they are actually parting us away
*cam Mr.Elijah Muhammad dlm cite malcolm x

apa2 pn, hadapi dgn tng n kembali pd Allah
wallahualam :)

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