Friday, January 29, 2010

Say Unique...Not Weird

Never have i thought of writing in English on this blog
well, actually i did intend to write everything in English
but then d heart says Malay is better for puring things out

but today is all about weird
why weird
several times have i been call weird
n my respond is...
don't say weird...say unique
cz everyone is one of a kind
we might seem similar
but our heart is different
our experience is different
our thought is different

thus..we are unique
no one is weird as we carry our own identity
if ppl claim they are the same
then perhaps they are weird

let's have a look at some pictures shall we

even lesbian have a poem?

a face full of hands :S

bad tooth?brush ur teeth more please~ no comments for u bro

3 of a dis is weird ^_^


petite girl said...

squirrel is weird<3

Farzan said...

no weird
unique please

yuhanis said...

yg gamba nigger tu bkn unique kot..
haha =D

Farzan said...

creepy :P
tp one of a kind
unique la kn :D