Wednesday, September 16, 2009

To My Memories of 1993-1995

today as i finished tarawikh, i sat at d back of the surau. leaning against the pillar holding my mom's Al-Quran. Then i saw 3 kids playing. i looked carefully and at first i only thought of happiness during childhood. but as i look deeper. i found out that they look familiar, some one i use to know. Ignored it for a while n continued following d Imam's recital of Surah. then suddenly popped an idea in my head, they really do look familiar. I flashed back to my memories n found none of the same face during high school nor primary. So i kept flashing back...until i remembered a pic, hanging in my house. it is my class during 1995 and he was there. :D

born 1990
age:think u can count it urself :P
religion: im not sure, but i think Islam
met at:albany primary school & adams down primary school
relationship: best friends
Quotes that i'll never forget: "hey, why did u follow me here?"
arguement that suprises me: "we have one god, n ten angels..."
first met:1993 in a class
last met:1995 before coming back to m'sia

Well, since its a childhood friend i cant say much but i've been trying to track him down ever since i knew what friendship is all about. I've found my previous friends but not him. And no one even know what happened to him.huhu

1993-1995 is not that long but during childhood in a place where u are the alien, ,any friend is a real close friend. and u Bilal by that time was the closest i can get. We were separated for a while but by fate we met again in the same following year and i still remembered u n u still remembered me. The best part was, we were still in the same class:D

So tonight i felt i missed him so much. a friend that i want to meet at least once before i die. May Allah bless you...

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