Thursday, November 25, 2010

Not Me Writing~

this time I won't write things like this nor should i talk like this. but somehow, i was so in the rindu feeling. missed all my friends and basketball. but suddenly i got the idea of getting things right this time around in London...
so here goes~

called n message friends but in the end only got 3 to come. they were one of the best i can get.
lets call them A, B n C...and C is a girl

first thing is we balled n it got me really tired, more tired than the last tournament i joined...
i noticed one thing,
u know how they say a guy is superior to a girl in strength
but, it is not that way this time
i lost to a girl. i lost to C
i won in a basketball game though but speed-wise and stamina-wise
kalah beb~
cool ^_^

then comes the 'lepak'ing moment
C went back home
n A started to make his stories
"ktorg buat prank call to those prostitutes"
"Hello, I am from India. I would like some p****"
(jgn ngade2 nk tny mnde or trnsl8, better of not thinking bout it at all)
n he also mentioned dat kat london ni ada naked maid
xde keje -.-"
n it costs 100 pound per hour!!! who would waste money
but i guess that's y it existed, cz people r stupid enough to spend their money that way

n there were these politic talks n economy talks among us
then to the war among koreans
cool gile~


petite girl said...

friends are friends:)

Farzan said...

definitely.. n i guess friends are those who always makes ur day ^_^