Sunday, November 28, 2010

nice meeting u guys~

sat by a table of 4
they are all basketballerz
it was amazing that we once met on the same game in difference team
n we hated each other
but professionalism taught that enemy on court friends outside
so here we are sitting side by side njoying a meal together
i wish she could join in too, then it would b 5 of us
n then maba could fly also n be here to join the group
n jijul didn't went for debate but instead stays here for the weekend
also hoped that faris would not b that 'berkira' n just come out to play basket n joy later on
imagining that syahiran was here as he just arrived in london
and i really wanted acap to follow him coming down to london
then i could have had a big feast with all of u and it would b on me ^_^
this is a great life of memory
but only 4 of us can be here
and that is enough to warm my heart in the cold winter breeze~


petite girl said... sweet.i know your feelings.i wish adibah is here too.

Farzan said...

itu sorg je
i want ramai2 of my friends