Monday, August 30, 2010

in A serius Condition~

pada asalnya abah n ibu mahu bertolak ke kota London pada 24 September...
kemudian secara tetiba abg ada hal...ada award dr Notts uni...outstanding result or wutever it is
Its a grand thing, with Najib as one of the recipient~
so mom n dad decided to join
okay now i'm jeles
they sound like they don't even want to come to PICC for my grad n they willingly travel all d way to UK for him
am sad though, but he's my brother~

so they decided to go on 21st
direct to London
n d ticket is on 11.45 nightime if not mistaken

so here's d trick
my flight date is yet to be known
if i fly earlier than that then i'll b with my bro in Notts for a while
if he is kind enough which i sometimes doubt he is
if i fly d same date, then my travel log would b d same as my parents except that i wont go to the function of ofcourse...i wont wanna wear tuxedo, its expensive!!!
but if i fly later than 21st...not only there's no one able to giv me those motivational talk at d airport...i wont even get d chance to meet my parents at London...
cz 24, they're on d way to cardiff
26 they're on d way to honeymoon at somewhere yet to b known by his children...but most prob its Turkey, Spain, or Cairo...i dunno~

so desperate to have an early flight...please~~~


petite girl said...

haha.i sensed siblings rivalry :P

hey dah call belom? just try harder.if not plan b then:)if yes, you go farzan!

Farzan said...

today xdpt call lg
esok holiday continuing my annoying calls on wednesday insyaAllah

trying not to feel dat rivalry
but jus a lil bit dissatisfied of how i am treated~lalalalala..not saying nemore :)

Wan Harun said...

kisah sedih farzan.
cek tempat2 bes nak pegi dlu, pastu aku da smpai, kau bawak aku jalan2 :D

Farzan said...

tarak hal
tarak hal...
upah aku jd tour guide ko je r :)