Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I am Determined~

sy suka awk...setan dtg kaco
so sy jauhi awk...setan dtg kaco gk
jd amek keputusan untuk buat xtahu akn kewujudan awk
ergh~ ssh sbb setan kaco lg ^_^

haha...suka tul ckp cam ni~
i am determined to keep moving on my own journey until my first degree
which is in 2014
i am determined to only say wut's needed until 2014
i am determined to keep my soul only to my family, Rasulullah and Allah until 2014
i am determined to run away from this life im living till 2014
n most importantly i hope our friendship lasts till 2014
wut's next, Allah knows best ^_^

besides dat
life as a MUSLIM, forever
life as a student, forever
life as a son, forever
life as a friend, forever
life as basketball player, till my physics disable me ^_^

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