Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tears of Pain~ Tears of Joy~

It started 10 years ago
when i first met u
i was a fool back then for having no feeling towards u
u were just for fun

but as time passes by
u taught me friendship
u taught me hardship
u taught me to push myself forward
u taught me to never regret on the past
u have given me pain
u have given me joy
u have given me sadness
u have given me happiness
u have given me undeniable memories
to be forever kept in this heart
as long as the soul dwells within

how fool was i to not appreciate u back then
but this week taught me to return to my past
and have a taste of the best i had
back to my old personality
and i noticed u were always there

that is why i am returning to u
wherever i go
i'll search for u
as u will forever give me the spirit to fight
thnx ^_^