Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Same Thing~

i am looking forward for the time where evrything ends
a stable me on a firm ground
when i can gaze upon the stars
wonder the power of Almighty

lonely under the dark blanket
shivering not just cz of cold
but shiver to cower
tears of the past

9 years ago on a window stile
a young boy, innocent as he can be
felt the rush of the winds
and the coldness of the night

9years ago, a lonely boy
noticed the bright moon
and the glory it shines
of a champion of all beauty

9years ago, the boy never knew
that one day he'll grow
n fall hard to his knees
just enough for someone to pick him up

but a lonely boy has no one
so hardship is his friend
n he stood up
facing the world
no more sadnesss
no more fear
no more time for sorrow
cz there's more to b help
for no one else should feel the tale of the lonely boy :)

1 comment:

Bella said...

You got me there :'(