Friday, December 30, 2011

New and Old~

It's very typical for someone to talk bout new year or new stuff n such
when end of year is nearing and a new horizon is opened
but do know that every second u grow older
and every second is a new second
so get urself better with new ideas n stuff every second if possible

now to my point,
sometimes new people come in ur life
but u cant forget the old people
u cant just simply forget
nor can u just simply neglect
they were once part of ur life
a part of ur history

but to old is my new
n am missing the old and new
only wut remains is my cure
waiting for the time to be happy
but for now, sleeping emotions~~

hmm...a new place i am right now
bremen, going for a german trip
wished that my old plan is fulfilled
but in d same time njoying evrything that's happening right now

number 3
my new and old~~

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