Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hey Little Heart~

Looking back to the past,
The scenes that made this heart tremble,
The wonderful feelings, the happiness, the sadness, the good, and the bad.

8 years back, if I had to do work this late, I am not alone,
I have at least 1/10 of the 163 guys to keep me entertain,
or perhaps just that two guys i hold so dear to me,
either way, that companionship sailed further and further away,
and looking for a new ship called relation is not easy.

13 years back, it was me picking up others,
pushing them to succeed together,
and hey look, they are now scattered and im proud of those once little rascal,
don't know if they still recognize me though.

21 years back, it was just both of us in our own world,
telling others to respect our belief in a Christian dominated country,
sharing our possessions and laugh,
not to forget that little hamster that bit everyone else except me,
and that pizza we made,
but distance really did put us a part.

Remember that day, back in London?
Remember my face greeting you? Remember that time?
Just before departing back to your good friends?
It was not the smile, not the scenes, neither your action.
It was the warmth of having someone by my side.
And that made my heart tremble...

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