Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Think and Aspire~

it's 11.19 pm as i start typing down. Its still early to some and to others it might already be late. but for sure, i am still awake reading n typing, reading n typing. how i wish i am always this hard-working. though i lack focus, i think as long as i do something n not just play candy crush, i am productive. many books waiting to be read on my shelf, especially the 'Socratic Epistemology'. And i look upon the dark skies, for the bright star. of how it shine of beauty even in a polluted city of London

Had i been this hard-working, there would be less procrastination. And i would have finished doing my work and be more knowledgeable. How i wish i would always be this way. but deep down, deep in the depth of my heart, a lil child is moaning, wanting to keep on enjoying playing games. Have i grown too fast?

As i continue reading this 50 page-report for my final year project. Oh to be clear, this is not my first paper. I'm not sure how many papers have i read but i think its more than 60 already. But i undestand not anything. it's because i tend to get too fed up with catching up with new things, i end up with words around my head without even understanding

Down almost to midnight, i am playing with my soul with these love songs accompanying my studies. People say just one year, but deep down i hope this fighting spirit remains forever...

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