Wednesday, March 27, 2013

You can't keep happiness on one thing~

If u rely only on onething, then ur doomed. nothing lasts forever
thus putting your happiness onto something is a bad mistake
create opportunity to be happy
after one, then another and keep on making reasons to be happy
yet in the end, u might not find real happiness

i once thought of stopping basketball
but my return has gave me 3 straight medals
how fortunate! whats more, i got a new pair of shoes for 114GBP
the highest i've ever paid
and i realised, that is my love
besides my family, my religion and my own life
i love 3 other things, and basketball is one of it
*sanggupkah dimadukan?hehe

the pursuit of finding the meaning of life continues
u might find one, u might not
and most of the time, ppl r trying to frame u with definitions
they might be right but find ur own
u cant meet a pious person and just believe to what he says
i'm not saying don't follow, but decide urself whether u should or should not
then keep walking the path of ur life till the end

so many things in my mind and yet i chose to wait for ur return

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