Sunday, January 8, 2012

Men's Best Friend~

hey3...after years of experiencing and researching
i found out something
though it should not b that accurate
cz everyone is different and have different preferences
but3...generally things like this should apply
and for geeks/nerds/freaks this is definitely true

Men's best friend is always said to b a dog? let's change to reality
putting aside all the family members,
next on the bes friend list is a guy, a bestfriend
believe me, even if d guy has a wife
he is still loyal to his best guy friend

wut's next? hmm...perhaps wife?
but not gf...wife, because its commitment
that's d reason y gf would not b next in list
a guy if he is in his real life as in not blinded by love
would o to any of his guy friends first before
going to any girl, even his gf
though geek/nerd/freaks should not have gf :P

after that..hmm...let me see~
i think it's computer
try and see how many guys ditch evrything else for computer
computer games, internet on any other thing
suprisingly, sports comes next in list once upon a time
but wins the game
to certain, computer might b his top best friend
the first to run to
those guys have no life~~

then..animals, nature alike
the peaceful and calmness

now where does girls fall in the list?
err...idk...perhaps it depend on the emotion of d guy to d girl
if not, she might just b after nature
wayyyyyyyy bottom of d list
but it also depends on the people some put girls before computer
and some put girls before nature
but for sure, girls can never break a guys friendship

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